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022. Electric Train

Heh, probably not the kind of train you had in mind. ^^
Ponyville has yet to see an electric train, so my experiences with those are fairly slim.

Oh my God! Yes! Everything yes! All of my yes!

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That went well.

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Mod’s Birthday!


Yep! Today is mod’s B-day! *throws confetti everywhere* Cake for all!

Well, happy birthday.

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Looks like it’s going well!

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That’s lower than low.


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lordjuvialockser said: You may have been asked this already but... have you seen the Lego Movie?


Not yet.
I will eventually, though, sooner or later.

I highly recommend seeing it. Fun for all ages!

Better than Frozen!

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sagalibratic-deactivated2014080 said: why would you hurt best filly sam, why


Usually because it draws out feels in my audience, other times because they deserve it, and other times because it’s just fun heh

Hey, people need feels.

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