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That’s lower than low.


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lordjuvialockser asked: You may have been asked this already but... have you seen the Lego Movie?


Not yet.
I will eventually, though, sooner or later.

I highly recommend seeing it. Fun for all ages!

Better than Frozen!

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thesovietfurry asked: why would you hurt best filly sam, why


Usually because it draws out feels in my audience, other times because they deserve it, and other times because it’s just fun heh

Hey, people need feels.

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Anything you make, hope that they never know!


Anonymous asked: Do you think they(Hasbro) will ever try to take down this blog or send you a C&D letter, like Jananimations and Molly(Molestia)? How would you feel about it if it happened?


I doubt they would or every fan fiction would be C&D’d. But if they did, I’d be lost without this blog. This and my NSFW blog is the only thing I have to look forward to when coming home from work. I could always go back and produce fan games for the Sonic community since SEGA is more lenient with their trademark than Hasbro. But ponies are the reason I even started drawing again after giving up art three years prior.

Outside of the Internet, there are personal lives that could run through troubles and disrupt the person’s use of the Internet. This was one example, but there are things that can make a person rise up again.

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Wait that’s not an update… Umm… Woops… It seems I’ve run out of guest updates! I was kind of expecting to have my computer back by now…

So uh… Have some cute Scootaloo enjoying pocky! My computer will be here next week though, so just a short wait for the next Motherly update!

Sketch thanks to Dezzy!

I’ll miss the gust artists, but I will enjoy the new updates!


Hanging out with askpinkiebatpie :P

(BTW, you look silly with your head upside-down like that)

Au contraire, I’m easily able to read words that appear upside-down!

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